Swift Recruitment
Swiftly Placing Legendary Staff

Welcome to Swift Recruitment

Business Philosophy

We pride ourselves on having kept abreast with the continuing technologically and organization changes in the work place.

Our recruitment and selection procedures are non discriminatory.

We believe that suitably selected candidates that are appropriately placed and positioned can be used as an effective tool and asset in achieving an Organizations’ Business Plan. We support the external utilization of laws, policies, systems and processes, which promote placing candidates based on competencies.

Why Swift Recruitment ?
  • Our fees are competitive with a guarantee.
  • Professional, credit and criminal references are conducted if required.
  • Employing contract staff is a cost effective way of coping with seasonal work peaks, holidays and sickness, without the administrative hassles.
  •  Should the client require,applicants could undergo a wide range of assessment to determine competencies and skills?
  •  Our CV’s are in compliance with the LRA (Labour Relations Act.)
  •  We assure you of our dedicated professional attention and co-operation in selecting the best-qualified, most suitable candidates.
Mission Statement

Service excellence is our mission.

We are constantly striving to provide the best possible service in the following areas:

 • Recruitment, selection and placement

• Responsive handling

• Permanent and contract staff employment.

We analyse your business needs and provide support in all areas of employment so you can focus on your business.