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Swiftly Placing Legendary Staff

About Us

Ensuring a team of talented, dynamic and highly skilled internal recruitment consultants is an ongoing company vision.  With this vision in mind, we recently strengthened our Team with a Payroll and HR Specialist, and Technical Recruitment Specialist. 

We would like to introduce you to our Team of Experts to live up to our mission: “ Swiftly placing legendary staff 



 •  We have a strong team of talented and skilled Senior Recruitment consultants to give personal attention to every position.

•  Our fees are very competitive with a guarantee.

•  Candidates are screened through interviews and background checks (References, credit and criminal checks). Payroll Assessments on request.

•  We provide temp and contract staff. This is a cost-effective way of coping with seasonal work peaks, holidays and sickness, without the administrative hassles. 

•  We assure you of our dedicated professional attention and co-operation in selecting the best-qualified, most suitable candidates.